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3 Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

8th June 2022

You’re thinking of a garage door replacement, you’ve chosen your garage door company, one that takes care of the garage door installation, the garage door repairs, and has a list of positive reviews and testimonials.

Now the question is ‘should you choose a manually operated garage door, or an automatically operated garage door? We’d recommend whichever suits, but in this short article, we’ve listed 3 of the key benefits automatic garage doors provide.

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Automatic garage doors are secure

Of course, security will be one of your main concerns when choosing the type of garage door for your property. And, if it’s security you’re looking for, you couldn’t choose better than an automatic garage door.

The key security benefits of an automatic garage door come down to the motor of the garage door holding the door locked, until it receives a signal from the remote to release it and allow entry.Also, many automatic garage door systems give you the option to disable the remote, such as when you go on holiday, therefore preventing the tech-savvy burglar from intercepting and bypassing the encrypted signal.

Automatic garage doors are convenient

In the modern world, convenience is everything. We’ve got microwaves, IoT devices, and delivery companies that deliver anything, from takeaways to booze, so why shouldn’t you expect convenience from your garage door?

Automatic garage doors simply make life easier, giving you the option to operate them from your car, from the house, or with the help of modern bi-directional radio technology, from even further away.So, say goodbye to struggling to open a manually controlled garage door on those rainy days, when you’re overladen with shopping and the kids are playing up, because with an automatic garage door, it can open without you even leaving your vehicle.

Automatic garage doors are safe

We’re not saying that a good quality, well-installed manually operated garage door isn’t safe, but a modern, state-of-the-art, professionally installed automatic garage door, will have a whole range of safety devices fitted, including:

  • Infrared motion detectors: Infrared motion detectors work by shining beam across the automatic garage door opening, so that when it detects motion, such as the classic child on a tricycle, the garage door instantly stops moving.

  • Auto-reverse: The auto-reverse feature common to many automatic garage doors, is a device that reverses the garage door function the moment it senses an obstruction, something especially important if the infrared motion detector has been deactivated.

  • Override function: As much as any garage door company wants to speak about the reliability of automatic garage doors, there may be times when the motor fails, especially during a power-cut. In these instances, the override function will allow you to easily open and close the door manually when required.

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