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5 benefits of side-hinged garage doors

15th February 2022

When it comes to choosing a garage door, you have four main choices – an up and over garage door, a roller shutter garage door, a sectional garage door, or the subject of this article, the classic, side-hinged garage door.

But, what are the unique advantages of a side-hinged garage door? And why would you choose one over some of the other great garage door designs? Well, to answer that question, we thought we’d break it down into the 5 key benefits.

Check out the benefits of a side-hinged garage door below, and if you have any questions, or you’d like a quote for your next garage door, contact us via the website contact form, by email, or by phone, to speak directly to one of our garage door experts.

1. Side-hinged garage doors are easy to open

It’s fine when you’re young and agile, but as we age, many of us naturally lose upper-body strength, meaning that opening and closing a garage door each day becomes an unnecessary chore.
With a well-maintained, side-hinged garage door, very little strength is required in its opening or closing, which means no jarring movements, that could potentially lead to back or shoulder issues.

2. Side-hinged garage doors are simple to look after

A side-hinged garage door is technically just a traditional door, with two or three hinges at the side. This simple, ergonomic design means that little maintenance is required, provided the sidewalls or frame is sturdy.
That being said, as garage door specialists, we’d always recommend taking advantage of an aftercare plan with your garage door provider, so you can have confidence and peace of mind that the performance and reliability of your garage door will be optimal all year round.

3. Side-hinged garage doors look great

Your garage door is more than likely a prominent feature of your property. Many buildings, whether old or new, are designed in traditional styles and what better way to compliment that character than with a garage door to match.
Side-hinged garage doors have been used throughout the centuries, and their traditional look and function act to create that classic appeal on new builds, and older buildings, no matter what the age.

4. They have a surprising security benefit

The security of your garage is of paramount importance, whether it’s where you keep your car, your gym equipment, valuable antiques, you’re storing items you don’t want to be stolen, or it contains a doorway to your main property.
Unlike other types of garage doors, a side-hinged garage door provides that extra bit of security by having the ability to be only partially opened to allow you to enter, without showing the rest of the world what you keep inside.

5. Side-hinged garage doors are easy to automate

When you use a reputable garage door specialist, adding automation to any type of garage door shouldn’t be a problem. That said, automating a side-hinged garage door, is one of the simpler processes.
Using a swing arm kit, or a hydraulic operator, your side-hinged garage door could be automated in a matter of hours, giving you that much-needed convenience and kerb appeal.

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