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Sectional Garage Doors

Why choose a sectional garage door?

  • Space Saving
  • Insulated
  • Remote Opening
  • High Security
  • Simple Operation
  • Strict Safety Standards

Suspended under the garage ceiling, sectional doors open vertically upwards and are an ideal solution to save space. Because a sectional garage door needs very little clearance it means you can make optimum use of the space inside and in front of your garage.

Sectional garage doors are very versatile and can be fitted in nearly any type of garage.

Our garage doors are extremely weather resistant and certified to the highest European safety standards.

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Choose your

Sectional Garage Door Thickness

NEW LPU 67 Thermo

This brand new energy saving thickness sectional garage door achieves excellent thermal insulation thanks to its 67mm thick sections with thermal break.

LPU 42

The LPU 42 is double skinned and its 42mm thick sections offer good insulation.

LTE 42

This single-skinned sectional garage door is very inexpensive and perfect for detached garages that do not require thermal insulation.

Sectional Door Thickness

Choose your

Sectional Garage Door Surface Finish

For our range of steel sectional doors you can select from our range of 4 surface finishes to match the rest of the decor of your home.

We have a range of 6 stunning Decograin finishes, giving the appearance of natural timber or an elegant metallic effect.

Our solid timber sectional garage doors come in two types of timber that can be individually painted with one of 8 coloured varnishes.

  • MicroGrain

  • SilkGrain

  • SandGrain

  • WoodGrain

  • DecoGrain


Choose your

Sectional Garage Door Style

S Ribbed

S-ribbed (LPU 42, LTE 42), Traffic white RAL 9016

M Ribbed

M-ribbed (LPU67 Thermo, LPU42, LTE42). Traffic white RAL 9016

D Ribbed

D-ribbed (LPU 42), Traffic white RAL 9016

T Ribbed

T-ribbed (LPU 42), Traffic white RAL 9016

L Ribbed

L-ribbed (LPU67 Thermo, LPU 42), Traffic white RAL 9016


Panelled (LPU 42, LTE 42), Traffic white RAL 9016


Choose your

Sectional Garage Door Colour

Our range of double-skinned LPU sectional garage doors, and accompanying side doors, are available in a wide range of colours.

The standard colour of our garage doors is Traffic White RAL 9016 but there are a huge number of colour options available. We offer 15 preferred colours at an affordable price and a full spectrum of over 200 premium colours from the RAL colour chart.

The single-skinned LTE 42 doors are only available in Traffic White.

Please note:

The inside of our sectional garage doors is usually supplied in Grey White (RAL 9002.)

Dark colours should not be used for double-skinned steel doors that receive a lot of sun exposure, as this sun deflection may damage the door.

The colours and surfaces shown are presented as a guide and may slightly differ from the finished product.

+ Over 200+ Premium RAL Colours

if you can't find the shade of colour you're looking for in our range of standard colours, don't worry as we can provide your new garage door in a colour from our premium range of over 200 colours from the RAL colour chart.

Garage Doors - Over 200 Colours
  • Traffic White

  • Grey Aluminium

  • White Aluminium

  • Terra Brown

  • Clay Brown

  • Ochre Brown

  • Window Grey

  • Light Grey

  • Stone Grey

  • Anthracite Grey

  • Fir Green

  • Moss Green

  • Pigeon Blue

  • Steel Blue

  • Ruby Red

  • Light Ivory

DecoGrain Options

If you're looking for a natural, wood style sectional garage door - our range of realistic but practical and hard-wearing Decograin finishes are for you.

An embossed wood grain adds an authentic timber character to your new garage and the door remains immaculate even after exposure to weather and the movement of the garage door thanks to a special UV-resistant protective plastic film coating.

  • Golden Oak

  • Dark Oak

  • Night Oak

  • Rosewood

  • Winchester Oak

  • Titan Metallic

New Duragrain Options

Our brand new range of Duragrain decor garage doors are highly scratch and UV resistant thanks to a high strength protective paint. This ensures your door will still look stunning years after it has been fitted.

Available in a range of 24 highly detailed designs, the Duragrain range is extremely unique and impressive.

Duragrain style garage doors are generally supplied with Grey white (RAL 9002) on the inside of the door.

  • Concrete

  • Beige

  • Mocca

  • Grigio

  • Grigio Scura

  • Rusty Steel

  • Bamboo

  • Burned Oak

  • Cherry

  • Nature Oak

  • Pine

  • Rusty Oak

  • Noce Sorrento Balsamico

  • Noce Sorrento Plain

  • Sapele

  • Sheffield

  • Teak

  • Weathered Look

  • Terra Walnut

  • Colonial Walnut

  • White Brushed

  • White Oak

  • White Oiled Oak

  • Whitewashed Oak


Choose your

Sectional Garage Door Automation

Remote Control Operated Garage Doors

All of our garage doors are available in cost effective manual opening styles but why not treat yourself to an efficient and highly convenient remote control operated powered garage door?

The first time it's pouring with rain or late at night and you can drive straight into your garage you will know you've made the right choice.

We supply multiple styles of garage door operators - the ProMatic model is a great value variety whilst the premium SupraMatic boasts an increase of 50% on opening speed, as well as a range of other features.

Remote Control Operated Garage Door


Manual Sectional Garage Door Operation

Garage Door Handles

If you don't need a powered, remote controlled garage door - we have a quality range of modern door handles.

We can also install a handle with our automatic garage doors - which can be used to operate the emergency release (unlocked via a Bowden cable on the inside.)

No handle garage doors

If you prefer the clean aesthetic of not having a handle we recommend using an emergency release lock instead. This inconspicuous round cylinder releases your garage door which can then be easily opened in the case of an emergency.


ProMatic Automatic Garage Door Operation

Reliable, basic electric garage door opener.

  • Comes as standard with 2x 4 button remote controls.
  • Adjustable ventilation slot.
  • Automatic door locking.
  • Energy efficient built in LED light.
  • Can be powered from the mains or from a battery (with optional solar panel module.)


SupraMatic Automatic Garage Door Operation

Advanced, fast opening electric garage door operator with full range of functions.

  • 50% faster than our standard model operator.
  • Comes as standard with a 5 button remote control and a 4 button remote control.
  • Separate control of light.
  • Operator cover made of brushed aluminium.
  • Extremely low power consumption.
  • Inquiry of the garage door position.
  • 2x 7 segment display.
  • Easy to program.
  • Adjustable ventilation slot.
  • Automatic door locking.

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