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5 Top benefits of roller shutter garage doors

17th January 2023

All types of garage doors, including hinged garage doors, sectional garage doors and up and over garage doors have their benefits, such as improving the look of your property, the security of your garage, and providing convenience.

But, for this short article, we’re focussing on the roller shutter or roller garage door, listing 5 of the top benefits this great and versatile product provides, and why people who buy them feel they’ve made a good investment.

What are roller shutter garage doors?

Roller shutter garage doors are made up of a series of horizontal slats, hinged together to create a concertina effect, where the garage door is able to roll up into a compact unit across the top of the garage entrance.

Due to its key benefits, the roller garage door is used widely within the commercial sector, particularly in warehousing, retail, and the automotive industry, but of late is becoming ever more popular as a home security garage door.

What are the 5 top benefits of roller shutter garage doors?

Below, we’ve listed 5 key benefits of roller shutter garage doors. To find out about more of the benefits and whether these high security garage doors are suitable for your garage, make sure to speak to your local garage door provider.

1. Roller shutter garage doors save space

One of the main reasons people choose roller shutter garage doors is because they save space. This is due to a roller garage door not requiring any tracks along the ceiling of the garage, and that when opened, the door becomes a neat, contained unit, leaving space for ceiling storage and more height for larger vehicles.

2. Roller shutter garage doors provide high security

Due to its unique, slatted and hinged construction, a roller shutter garage door is extremely difficult to force inwards, plus, when automated the ability for intruders to force the door up and open becomes almost impossible, even with the aid of a crowbar or similar lever.

3. Roller shutter garage doors help save energy

Like other types of high-quality garage doors, including hardwood garage doors and composite garage doors, roller garage doors, particularly when insulated, are extremely efficient at keeping heat or cold in, due largely to the tight knitting together of the individual slats.

4. Roller shutter garage doors are easy to operate

When well-maintained and cleaned, roller garage doors are simple and light to operate whether manually operated or automated. This ease of operation makes roller garage doors perfect for most people, even those with reduced upper body strength or mobility.

5. Roller shutter garage doors are easy to clean

With your new roller shutter garage doors installed and looking great, you’re going to want to keep them clean. The best cleaning method is to close them fully and gently hose them down inside and out. And for a deeper clean give them a scrub using warm soapy water and a medium soft brush.

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