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6 Safety Measures With Electric Garage Doors

21st December 2023

Electric garage doors are a great addition to most garages, both for efficiency and convenience. However, ensuring the safety of these systems, particularly for types like side-hinged garage doors, and side-hinged timber doors etc is essential.

In this very short blog post, we look at 6 essential safety measures you need to take, to help ensure the safe operation of your electric garage door, whether we’re talking side-hung garage doors or even barn-style garage doors.

Maintenance and Inspections

Regular maintenance and inspections is one of the most important safety measures when it comes to electric garage door systems. This could include lubrication, checking for signs of damage, or checking for worn out components.

Test Safety Features

Electric garage doors will be equipped with various safety features, including auto-reverse mechanisms and sensors, all of which will need regular testing, either by a garage door professional, or by yourself, if you feel confident.

Proper Installation and Adjustment

Another vital safety measure with your electric garage door is to ensure it’s been installed by an experienced professional, and that components and balance etc. are regularly adjusted throughout the year to help ensure ongoing safety.

Educate Users on Safety Procedures

Make sure to familiarise all users, including family members or employees, with safety protocols, like keeping clear of the garage door during operation, and not attempting to override safety features, such as auto-reverse mechanisms.

Keep the Area Clear

To enhance safety around your electric garage doors operating area, avoid storing items or cluttering the doors path. This helps to prevent interference with vital sensors or mechanisms, which may affect the proper functionality.

Use A Professional For Repairs

Although it may be tempting to carry out your own repairs to your electric garage door, we’d highly recommend using a garage door professional, who should have the right tools for the job, and a far deeper understanding of the garage door.

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