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6 Ways to make your garage door more secure

9th September 2021

Other than our cars, we store all sorts of stuff in our garages. Sometimes it might just be junk, whilst at other times it could be power tools, expensive furniture or family heirlooms.

But, how often do you consider your garage door security? How easy would it be for a determined thief to break in, with or without some type of tool, such as a crowbar or hammer?

Domestic and commercial garages are routinely broken into across the UK, but many of these break-ins could be avoided if a few simple steps are taken.

Below, we’ve listed 6 ways you can help improve the security of your garage door, including ways that require little more than a bit of common sense.

1. Buy your garage door from a reputable supplier

Using a reputable and experienced garage door supplier and installer comes with a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Security advice: This advice will be backed up by years of first-hand experience and knowledge, and will include helping you find the perfect garage door security solution to your unique circumstances.
  • Professional installation: The proper installation of your garage door is the first step to preventing a break-in. Professional garage door installers will ensure the garage door is mounted correctly and fixed securely to the existing structure.
  • Aftersales packages: Most reputable garage door providers and installers will offer an aftersales package which may include a yearly inspection to check locks and operating mechanisms, and a fast response, emergency callout option.

2. Add an extra locking device

High-quality, modern garage doors are far more secure than they’ve ever been and usually come with features designed to greatly improve security and prevent forced entry. But, to add another level of security to your garage door, you could invest in:

  • A garage door defender system – A garage door defender system is a lock anchored to the ground or substrate to secure the upward swing of an up and over garage door when not in use.
  • A heavy-duty security bar – A security bar is usually a steel bar covering the entire width of the garage door mounted on plates fixed to the surrounding brickwork.
  • An anti-snap lock – An anti-snap lock is designed to remain functional, even when snapped.

Important note: Before fitting any additional locking mechanisms to your garage door, consult your garage door supplier, to ensure fitting the device won’t adversely affect the warranty or the security and safety features of the original garage door.

3. Choose an automatic garage door

As well as the benefit of convenience, automatic garage doors are one of the best methods of security. This is due to its unique design where the motor keeps the door firmly shut until it receives a signal to open.

Automatic garage doors come with a range of remote systems, including key fobs, in-car transmitters or smartphone systems, and use radio signals and encryption protocols tested under extreme circumstances by security professionals.

4. Install security lighting

Due to the fact that most break-ins happen at night, motion-controlled security lighting can act as a great deterrent, whilst also lighting up the entrance, should you need to access the garage late at night.

5. Keep your garage door locked

This is simple common sense, but if you haven’t been affected by a break-in, it’s easy to become complacent and not bother locking your garage door. Problem is, even if you don’t keep expensive items in your garage, if you leave it unlocked, you may end up with it being used by unwanted visitors.

6. Don’t give thieves a place to hide

We all like a bit of greenery, but overgrown trees and shrubs surrounding the entrance to your garage door might give potential thieves the perfect cover to carry out their work.

So, look around at the landscape surrounding your garage door, and if necessary trim hedges and trees, and even install lower fences, to help make any attempted break-ins more visible.

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