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6 Winter tips for your garage door

13th December 2021

With winter well underway, and temperatures dropping, many parts of our homes become vulnerable to freezing, in particular, our garage doors. That’s why, in this short blog, we give you 6 tips to help look after your garage door in winter, prevent it from seizing up, or suffering any other damage during the colder season.

1. Keep it lubricated

Lubricating the mechanism to your garage door is recommended as part of its general maintenance, but even more so in the winter. To do this, use WD40 or something similar, and in much harsher conditions you could also sprinkle fine salt or grit around the hinges and springs to prevent the build-up of ice.

2. Use grit

Being late for work because your garage door is frozen shut, is never going to be fun. So, as the temperatures start to drop, keep your driveway gritted, particularly the area under the seal of your garage door. This method is simple but highly effective in preventing your garage door from sticking.

3. Keep it clear of snow

Apart from the safety aspect, clearing snow from around your garage door is vital in preventing it from freezing. The reason for this is that, as temperatures drop, that snow will turn to ice and become more compacted, creating more pressure around the garage door opening.

4. Open your garage door once a day

Opening and closing your garage door each day is by far the simplest tip, but highly effective, especially if the temperature drops considerably. The main reasons it helps are, it stops the garage door from sticking to the ground, plus it gets all parts moving together, including the hinges, the rollers, and the motor on an automated door.

5. Warm up your car outside

We know it’s tempting to start your car in the garage to get it warmed up, but in the cold and damp season, this practice could lead to your garage door sticking. The reason for this is that as any ice in the garage melts it turns to water which can run into more vulnerable areas, such as the automation or hinges, where it quickly refreezes and could cause your garage door to seize up.

6. Keep it maintained

Keeping your garage door maintained is important all year round, but especially in winter. Below we’ve added a list of maintenance tips you could do yourself, but we’d still highly recommend getting an annual check from a garage door specialist.

  • Lubricate it – As we’ve already mentioned, keeping the moving parts of your garage door such as the tracks and rollers lubricated with a suitable lubricant is vital, and will massively help prolong its life.
  • Check springs for rust – The springs of your garage door, especially if it’s a high-quality door will be sturdy and have a level of protection. But, it’s important you check every now and then, to see if rust is developing, and if it is, contact a specialist before it gets worse.
  • Keep tracks clear – The tracks which the rollers of your garage door run along, can sometimes get clogged up from things such as fallen leaves, grit, or water, so it’s best to check them regularly, and clear away any water or debris with a soft cloth or brush.

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