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How Modern Garage Doors Enhance Security

6th November 2023

Your garage is an integral part of your property, so it’s vital it’s kept secure. And, one of the main security features of your garage is of course, the garage door itself, whatever type of garage door it is.

In this short blog post, we look at some of the modern features of garage doors, including the garage remote control and the garage door hinges, as well as some of the types of garage doors that offer exceptional security.

The Garage Remote Control

With a modern garage remote control and automatic garage door system, you’re able to easily open and close your garage door from a distance, without leaving the safety of your vehicle or your property. Also, some modern garage door remote controls operate via a highly secure radio system, which can be adapted to work using finger scans or code switches etc.

Reinforced Garage Door Hinges

The hinges of your garage door play an essential role in the security of your garage, as they can often be the point of access thieves use when attempting to break in.

Modern garage door hinges are specially designed to help prevent forced entry, and hinged garage doors will usually be equipped with a profile cylinder lock for added security.

Sectional Garage Doors

Most modern, high-quality garage doors fitted by a qualified and experienced garage door provider and installer, will give you a high level of security.

Sectional garage doors in particular, with their secure, multiple hinged panels and anti-lift technology, create a robust barrier, helping to deter the most determined intruder.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are known for their compact and rigid design and construction, which creates a virtually impenetrable barrier to intruders.

Roller garage doors can also be secured using the Hormann BiSecur bi-directional radio system, which features an encryption protocol no one can copy.

Looking for a secure garage door?

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