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How to make your garage multipurpose

1st December 2021

Yes, we all know that the main purpose of a garage is to park your car and give it some protection from the elements, but there are so many other uses you can give your garage.

Of course the most obvious is storage, but there are many other creative secondary uses for your garage. From getting in shape with your private gym to having fun with friends, we’re sharing tips to help you make your garage multifunctional.


While your garage may offer plenty of space to store items, be careful not to get into the habit of storing junk. To avoid this, be honest with yourself. If you have not used an item within the last year or if it is broken and cannot be repaired it is time to get rid of it. Consider donating useful items to charity and throwing away useless ones.

If you’re already using your garage for storage, consider decluttering to get rid of unnecessary stuff. Vertical shelving and clear storage bins are great choices to help with organisation.

Workshop or Hobby Room

Are you the DIY type who loves a good project—up-cycling furniture or making some from pallets? Or maybe making art is your favourite pastime; the garage makes a great workshop or hobby room to keep you sheltered from rain, sun or snow and saves you money instead of having to rent a space to work. Additionally, an organised storage system for your tools where each item has its own designated space makes for a more productive environment.


For those with dogs, walking the dog on wet and rainy days can track mud onto carpets and furniture when you get back inside. Using your garage as a mudroom for both pets and kids helps to contain the mud and grime to the garage where it can be easily washed off and saves you from having to work mud and grass stains out of the carpet

Home Gym

For fitness enthusiasts, a home gym makes it easy to fit in a workout on busy days when you cannot make it to a public gym. Or maybe going to a public gym is intimidating for you especially with concerns about Covid19. Using your garage as a home gym is an excellent way to stay safe while meeting your fitness goals.


Add some fold-up chairs and tables to create an indoor-outdoor entertainment space in your garage for your family and friends. A mini-fridge or cooler with drinks is also a great addition to keep everyone cool in the summer.

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