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What are canopy garage doors, and what are the benefits?

10th August 2023

Garage doors of all types play an essential role in protecting our vehicles and belongings from the elements, and thieves and vandals etc., whilst also adding to the overall value and curb appeal of our homes.

Among the various types of garage doors available on the market, canopy garage doors have become a popular option for homeowners, due to their simplicity, efficiency, unique design, and ease of use.In this article, we'll look a little deeper into what canopy garage doors actually are, and the benefits canopy garage doors offer that appear to be attracting garage door buyers from all ends of the economic spectrum.

What are canopy garage doors?

A canopy garage door is a type of up and over garage door that operates on a pivoting hinge mechanism. The door itself is designed to tilt outward and easily move up and over the garage entrance, whether manually or automatically.

When fully opened, about one third of a canopy garage door protrudes from the garage entrance, forming a ‘canopy’ like structure or shelter, hence where the name canopy garage door originates.

What are the benefits of canopy garage doors?

Like all types of garage doors, canopy garage doors offer a range of benefits designed to help the user in a number of practical ways, or to simply improve the look of the property, especially if the owner wishes to sell.

The standout benefits of canopy garage doors are:

Canopy garage doors are cost-effective

One of the most significant advantages of canopy garage doors is their affordability, especially when compared to other garage doors, such as some types of roller shutter garage doors, or hardwood garage doors.

Canopy garage doors offer space-saving opportunities

Canopy garage doors are an ideal option for garages with limited space or headroom, due to the fact they open outwards without the need for additional tracks or mechanisms, which therefore maximises internal space.

Canopy garage doors are easy to operate

Up and over garage doors like canopy garage doors, are known for their simple, easy, and reliable operation. This is thanks to the counterbalanced spring system which allows for smooth opening and closing with minimal effort.

Canopy garage doors require very little maintenance

Because canopy garage doors are designed and manufactured with fewer moving parts than other types of garage doors, they generally require less maintenance, although we'd still recommend getting a maintenance plan.

Canopy garage doors offer enhanced security

The unique design of canopy garage doors makes them a high-security option for garage doors. This enhanced security is mostly due to the solid design, and the effective latching mechanism which keeps the door locked firmly in place.

Canopy garage doors can suit most architectural styles

Canopy garage doors are available in a range of materials, colours and designs, allowing homeowners to find a door that complements the existing architecture of their home, whether traditional or contemporary.

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