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Which garage doors do I need?

15th October 2021

Garage doors aren’t an everyday purchase, so when buying a garage for your property, how do you make the right choice? As a garage door supplier and installer, this is a question we often get asked.

So, to make your choice a little easier, in the short article, we’ve put together a list of five different types of garage doors suitable for most garages, and the key benefits of each type.

1- Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are constructed to work in the same way shopfront shutters work, where they roll up into a tidy, horizontal contained unit at the top of the garage opening.

Benefits of roller garage doors

Space saving – Because they don’t require an internal tracking mechanism, roller garage doors leave your garage ceiling free for storage.

Wind-resistant – Due the unique ‘roll-up’ design of roller garage doors, they’re naturally wind resistant when opened or closed.

Lightweight – Roller garage doors are usually constructed from aluminium, making them easy to open manually and energy-saving when automated.

2- Up and over garage doors

An up and over garage door is a classic garage door design that tilts back into the garage, pivoting on a sprung hinge installed on the sidewalls of your garage.

Benefits of an up and over garage door

Quick to open – Because of its sprung hinge design, an up and over garage door is extremely quick and easy to open.

Durable design – Up and over garage doors have a rigid and durable, steel subframe, designed to withstand all weathers and the effects of long-term use.

Choice of materials – Up and over garage doors are available in various materials including timber, steel or GRP, which also have a choice a of colours and finishes.

3- Side-hinged garage doors

Just like most regular doors, a side-hinged garage door is a simply designed, vertical sets of doors hinged with two sturdy hinges that usually open outwards.

Benefits of side-hinged garage doors

Easy access – Because of the simple design, side-hinged garage doors are easily and quickly opened with minimum of effort.

Space-saving – Similar to roller garage doors, side-hinged garage doors don’t require any tracking mechanisms in the ceiling, therefore saving on storage space.

Easy to maintain – Side-hinged doors require very little maintenance and if required, are extremely quick to remove and replace.

4- Sectional garage doors

Constructed in horizontal sections, sectional garage doors retract along precision-designed, steel runners installed in your garage ceiling.

Benefits of sectional garage doors

Increased security – Sectional garage doors are constructed to conceal all pivot points that could be used to aid a break in.

Suited to short driveways – Because of its vertical opening mechanism, a sectional garage doors is perfect if your garage opens onto a public road or walkway.

Fits all garage doors – Sectional garage doors can be constructed to fit any size or shape of garage doorway, including archways.

5- Electric garage doors

Electric (automated) garage doors are garage doors that don’t require manual operation, making them ideal for people with restricted mobility or as a simple timesaver.

Benefits of electric garage doors

Better security – Electric garage doors are fitted with a barrel locking mechanism that keeps them locked until they receive an encrypted signal.

Available across our range – All garage door types across our range, including up and over, roller shutter, sectional and side-hinged can be automated, using our state of the art automation mechanisms.

Override function - All electric garage doors in our range are fitted with an override function, giving you manual control of your garage door during a power outage.

Anti-crush features – To prevent the risk of crushing or trapping, our electric garage doors are fitted with safety features that stop them from moving the moment an obstruction is detected.

Make life easier – Whether it’s raining, you have your hands full of shopping or the kids need your attention, with electric garage doors, simply press a button and your garage door will smoothly open or close without any effort.

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