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Side Hung Garage Doors

What Are Side Hung Garage Doors?

Side hung garage doors, sometimes referred to as swing garage doors, are garage doors with robust hinges located at the side in a typical door style, allowing the door to easily open outwards for access.

Side hung garage doors can be manually operated or automated, for ultimate convenience, and are available in various designs from traditional to contemporary, and in materials including timber or steel.

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Side Hung Garage Doors Near You

Searching online for side hung garage doors near me? Then look no further than Garage Doors Ltd., one of the UK’s leading side hung garage door specialists, supplying, installing and repairing garage doors across London and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for side hung steel garage doors, or wooden side hung garage doors, for your home or business, we offer a huge range, designed and manufactured to suit tastes and architectural styles of all types.

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The Key Benefits of Side Hung Garage Doors

A classic among garage doors, side hung garage doors aka ‘swing garage doors’ remain a favourite with garage door buyers due to the benefits this great product provides. The standout benefits of side hung garage doors include:

Ease of Access

With doors that open outwards, you’re able to access your garage without moving your vehicle. This makes side hung doors ideal for properties with short driveways or limited space inside the garage.


Side hung garage doors can be operated manually or automated for added convenience, and can also be configured as a single door or a pair of doors, providing flexibility in design and functionality.


Side hung garage doors are robust and can be fitted with advanced locking mechanisms, providing enhanced security for your property. The solid construction and quality materials also offer added protection against intruders.


The traditional design of side hung doors adds a touch of elegance and charm to any property. Whether you choose timber or steel, these doors can be customised to match the style of your home or business property.

Low Maintenance

With their simple, traditional design and fewer moving parts compared to other types of garage doors, side hung garage doors are easier to maintain to ensure optimum performance and to keep them looking their best.

Wood Side Hung Garage Doors

Hardwood Timber Side Hung Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a traditional style of side hung garage door, whether for your home or business property, choose side hung timber garage doors.

Manufactured using durable and hardwearing wood, timber side hung garage doors look great, are equipped to withstand all types of weather, and provide a high level of security.

Steel Side Hung Garage Doors

Steel Side Hung Garage Doors

For a more contemporary look at your home or business garage door entrance, choose one of our high-quality, side hung steel garage doors.

Designed for durability and style, our steel side hung garage doors are double-skinned for extra security, and can include thermal insulation to help you save energy.

UK Side Hung Garage Door Installers

Whether you’re looking for side hung garage door prices or for side hung garage door installation, servicing or repairs, contact Garage Doors Ltd. today either using our online enquiry form, by sending us an email, or by giving us a call.

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