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Are Automatic Garage Doors Safe?

8th December 2022

One of most common concerns customers have when buying an automatic garage door from a reputable garage door company, is safety - whether safety means how secure the garage door actually is, or how safe it is to operate.

In this short article ‘Are Automatic Garage Doors Safe?’ we’ll look into the general security automatic garage doors offer, as well as some of the ways automatic garage doors are designed to improve safety during operation.

How secure are automatic garage doors?

Automatic garage doors should be extremely secure, but the security of your automatic garage doors, whether roller garage doors, side hinged garage doors, or up and over garage doors, depends largely on the door itself, rather than the quality of the lock or automation mechanism.

Think of it like this – if you had a door made from balsa wood, no matter how good the lock, most thieves could easily break in. So, when buying your automatic garage door, make sure to buy one that has a rigid steel subframe, and high-quality, durable panels that are fitted correctly, and securely.

Does an automation device make garage doors more secure?

The answer to the question ‘does an automation device make garage doors more secure?’ is yes, but the added security is dependent on the type of garage door operator you choose.

At present, garage door operators including the Hormann Promatic or the Hormann Supramatic, are some of the most secure on the market, with features including:

A robust motor and drive unit – The motor and drive unit of both the Promatic and the Supramatic are designed to help hold the door closed, even when forced by an intruder.

A patented steel hook – Both the Promatic and the Supramatic include a patented steel hook, that automatically locks your Hormann garage doors towing arm in place, to help prevent forced entry.

BiSecur Radio System – The certified BiSecur Radio System is a highly secure two-way, encrypted radio garage door remote control system, that works via an app, and can also be used for your Hormann entrance door and lights etc.

And for extra peace of mind…

To ensure your garage door, whether manually controlled or automated is as ‘burglar-proof’ as possible, firstly choose a decent garage door provider and installer, and also look out for certifications including:

  • STS20LPS 1175
  • BS PAS 23
  • BS PAS 24

Each of these credentials refers to the official UK police initiative ‘Secured By Design’, an initiative that ‘works to improve the security of buildings’ by helping consumers choose products that have been tested under strict conditions for their level of break-in resistance.

Are automatic garage doors safe to operate?

Yes, high-quality and professionally installed automatic garage doors are safe to operate, as long as the user is operating them in the correct way, and the door and automation device are well maintained.

The main reasons you can be so confident in the safety of your automatic garage doors comes down to the safety features added over recent years. These include:

Auto Reverse – The auto-reverse feature is a safety feature that uses sensors to stop the garage door from closing should it detect an obstacle in its trajectory, such as a small child or a pet.

Manual override – As handy as the automation of your garage door is, the manual override feature is vital, especially in an emergency trapping situation, or to operate your garage door during a power outage.

Motion-controlled lighting – Although not directly part of your garage door, motion detection lighting at your garage door, makes night-time operation much safer, and hopefully stumble-free.

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