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Pros and cons of wooden garage doors

10th January 2022

Despite advancements in steel, aluminium and GRP garage doors around insulation, durability and security, wooden garage doors still remain one of the most popular options for many of our customers.

Whether you’re thinking of a side-hinged garage door, an up and over garage door, or a sectional garage door, in this short article, we’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing wood as the primary material.

The Advantages of wooden garage doors

1. Wooden garage doors are durable

Durability is one of the most important factors people look for when investing in a new garage door, and wood covers all the bases.As long as it’s maintained with the correct wood preserver or staining, wood has a natural ability to withstand all sorts of external factors, including:

  • The elements – Even when it’s been formed into a garage door, wood retains a natural resistance to cold, rain and extremes of heat.
  • Constant use – Wood is naturally pliable, allowing it to give under pressure, then return to its original state over and over again.

2. Wooden garage doors have natural insulative properties

Wood is one of the best natural insulators, due to air pockets contained within its cell structure. This makes it the perfect choice of material to construct a garage door, where the temperature in the garage needs to be maintained.

Also, depending on the design of your wooden garage door, the framing method could allow the addition of other manmade insulative material to double down on its temperature regulation abilities.

3. Wooden garage doors are aesthetically versatile

Another outstanding advantage of wood as a garage door material, is its ability to be styled any way you want. Whether you’re thinking of painting it a certain colour, adding carvings or decorative framework, or even adding a window, wood gives you these options and more.

4. Wooden garage doors are lightweight

The lighter weight of wood provides three key advantages when it comes to wooden garage doors. These include:

  • Being easier to open – This is especially helpful to those with mobility or strength issues.
  • Exerting less stress on hinges – This helps reduce maintenance costs.
  • Being easier to automate – Not only easier, but also more economical as they don’t require excessive power.

The Disadvantages of wooden garage doors

1. Wooden garage doors require more maintenance

It’s true, like any piece of wooden furniture open to the elements, your wooden garage door will require semi-regular maintenance to prevent a variety of issues from occurring, including:

  • Cracking/splitting
  • Rotting
  • Woodworm or fungi infestations

Thankfully though, with the right treatments, such as wood preservatives and staining, all of the above can be avoided, allowing you to enjoy your wooden garage door for years.

2. Wooden garage doors can be prone to damp

Damp, if not treated or protected against, can cause rot to set in, or in some cases, cause the wood to bow and your garage door to become misshapen. As mentioned above, this can be remedied with the right wood treatments and maintenance, that a good garage door supplier should offer in addition to the installation.

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