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What to consider when buying a new garage door

7th April 2022

Although, when buying a new garage door from a reputable provider, you will get value for money, a new garage door is still an investment that requires a few considerations before laying any money down.

In this short article, to help make the process of buying your next new garage door as stress-free as possible, we go over the key considerations to make, including:

  • Garage door price
  • Garage door use
  • Garage door security
  • Garage door style
  • Garage door maintenance

We hope you find the article useful, and if you’d like any more information, don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Garage door price

A garage door is a significant investment so it’s definitely worth shopping around and comparing prices but do be aware that offers that seem too good to be true, usually are.

And don’t forget, before getting the credit card out, talk to your garage door provider about pricing options, and take advantage of free site surveys, to help find the most cost-efficient solution for your individual property and your needs.

Garage door use

It seems obvious, but it’s vitally important to consider how you’re going to use your garage door before making a selection. For instance, will the garage door be used frequently, operated by multiple occupants of your property, or will it be predominantly an architectural feature?

Once you’ve decided how your garage door will be used, discuss your needs with your garage door provider, who will help you find the best solution, from the design and style of the garage door, to whether it should be automated or manually controlled etc.

Garage door security

For anyone thinking of buying a new garage door, security is going to be a prime concern, whether your garage is to store your car or other type of vehicle, gym equipment, or items necessary for the running of your business.

To ensure you get the right level of security, go through your requirements with your garage door provider, to find out things such as; is it worth getting an automated garage door, an access control system, or whether you should fit a secondary lock?

Garage door style

Garage doors are available in various styles, suiting both practical and aesthetic purposes. So, when choosing which garage door to buy, consider the style that would be best suited to your requirements, such as the space you have available, your physical strength, and the style and material of the existing property and doors.

The four main styles of garage doors available are:

Each of these styles can be constructed in a variety of materials, including timber, aluminium, steel or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), can be painted or coated to match surrounding doors and window frames etc., and be manually or automatically controlled, depending on your specific needs and budget.

Garage door maintenance

Once you have your beautiful new garage door installed, we always recommend taking out a maintenance plan, either offered by your garage door provider or from an independent garage door specialist.

Your garage door maintenance plan will typically include an annual or biannual maintenance visit, free or reduced-price replacement parts, and an emergency callout option with a response time dependent on your level of cover.

Looking for your next garage door?

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