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What your Garage Door Specialists in Hertfordshire should offer

20th May 2022

If you’re looking for a garage door specialist in Hertfordshire, you might be wondering what exactly makes a good (and responsible) Hertfordshire garage door specialist, and what sort of things you should expect from them, before investing any money in a garage door.

That’s why, in this short article, to help you make your decision, we cover three things a good garage door specialist in Hertfordshire should provide. If you find the article helpful, please give it a share to help friends, family or colleagues make the right choice of Hertfordshire garage door specialist.

Coverage of the whole of Hertfordshire

When choosing your Hertfordshire garage door specialist , look out for those Hertfordshire garage door companies that cover the whole of Hertfordshire, and those that have an in-depth knowledge of the local neighbourhood, and are preferably based in, or very close to the county.

This means that when it comes to the installation of your new garage door, their engineers will know exactly how to get to you (even without a satnav), and will be on time in an emergency callout, whether you live in Watford, Harpenden, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Preston, or Braughing.

A range of garage door designs

Any good Hertfordshire garage door company, whether they advertise as ‘Garage doors, Watford’, ‘Garage Doors, Harpenden’, or Garage Doors, Stevenage, should provide the four basic types of garage door designs, including:

  • Up and over garage doors: This is your classic design of garage door, and has the benefit of retracting on spring-loaded hinges back into the garage along tracks in the ceiling, rather than requiring a large swing area at the entrance to the garage.

  • Sectional garage doors: These garage doors, as the name suggests, are made up of connected horizontal sections mounted on ceiling tracks. This design allows the garage door to open smoothly and effortlessly, without the need to protrude outwards.

  • Roller shutter garage doors: Another classic design which also removes the need for space at the garage entrance, but instead of retracting along the garage ceiling, the entire door rolls up neatly and with little effort into a concealed unit at the top of the door.

  • Side-hinged garage doors: The name describes this garage door design perfectly, and although it does require swing space at the garage entrance, the simple construction means maintenance and repairs are relatively easy.

They’re a responsible garage door specialist

When contacting or researching your chosen Hertfordshire garage door specialist, make sure to find out if they’re responsible in the way they work, especially for things such as:

  • Health and Safety practices: This is a vital consideration when using any contractor, and if the Hertfordshire garage door company you choose can’t provide relevant health and safety certificates, they’re probably best avoided.

  • Training: Don’t be afraid to ask your potential Hertfordshire garage door specialist what type of training their engineers have. A reputable garage door company will gladly be able to provide documented proof of training to help put your mind at rest.

  • Insurance liability: If the Hertfordshire garage door specialist you choose can’t show you valid liability insurance certificates, steer well clear.

Garage Door Repairs, Hertfordshire

If you’re looking for a reputable garage door repair specialist in Hertfordshire, get in touch with Garage Doors Ltd. today. We’ve been installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors since 1973, and our coverage includes the whole of Hertfordshire, and much further afield.